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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 15:40 GMT
Noise device tackles youth yobs
The Mosquito device
The device emits a high pitched sound audible only to young people
Police have fitted a device which emits a high-pitched tone only audible to people under 20 to tackle anti-social behaviour at a health centre.

The "mosquito" unit has been installed at the Selston Health Centre near Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts, to combat vandalism and cases of attempted arson.

The noise the unit produces can only be picked up in the hearing range of young people, typically aged under 20.

Supporters said it should help combat some of the serious criminal offences.

Michael Powis, the area crime reduction manager, said: "It works on the same basis as classical music, kids don't like it so they go and congregate somewhere else.

"The level of problems that have been experienced in terms of anti-social behaviour on this site has been great.

"We've already taken measures including putting up new fencing, so this really is a last resort.

"The sound sent out by the device is harmless, it really is an irritation rather than something that is going to harm anybody."

The unit is being used for a six-month trial period.

A similar device has already been used in Nottingham and Mansfield.

The gadget to deter vandals and yobs

Centre uses noise to deter youths
10 Nov 06 |  Oxfordshire

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