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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 13:55 GMT 14:55 UK
Three people survive plane crash
The wreckage of the light aircraft
A flying instructor and two trainee pilots survived the crash
Three people have walked away unhurt after their light aircraft crashed onto a busy road shortly after take-off from an airfield in Oxfordshire.

The Oxford Aviation Training plane came down on Wednesday morning on a side road leading to the A44 near the airfield at Kidlington.

An instructor and two trainee pilots were onboard but walked away without injury.

It is believed the Piper Warrior's engine failed and caused the crash.

Emergency services were called immediately because of concerns that a large amount of highly flammable aviation fuel, which had spilled on to the road, could ignite.

Simon Belcher, station manager based at Kidlington fire station, said: "In the wrong sort of circumstances, the plane could have burst into flames and we would have had three fatalities."

Insp Tom Brooks, of Thames Valley Police, said: "What appears to have happened is that a plane had come across from the end of the runway and through the hedge into the road.

"It seems to have flipped over onto its roof."

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