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Meeting to combat radical Islam
Al Hidayah 2005
Al Hidayah began in 2004 and has become an annual event
A conference which aims to promote the moderate and spiritual aspects of Islam is getting under way in Oxfordshire.

The Al Hidayah, which is being held in Heythrop Park Hotel near Chipping Norton this year, will be attended by 600 young people from across the UK.

Organisers say that one of the main aims of the annual event is to prevent young Muslims from being radicalised by extremist ideology.

Those attending will take part in four days of intensive study and lectures.

'True Islam'

"We began organising this annual gathering of young Muslims in 2004, way before 7/7," says Dr Zahid Iqbal, Al-Hidayah coordinator.

"We never had to jump on the 'portray-yourself-as-moderate-Muslim' bandwagon following that atrocity.

"We have always recognised the need to recover the intellectual and scriptural basis of Muslim ideology from the radicals, and inculcate the youth with the true ideals of Islam," he said.

Last year's event in Shropshire attracted more than 300 men and women.

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