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Village made no lab protest zone
A Laboratory rodent, BBC
The new injunction covers Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
Oxford University has won a further High Court extension of its injunction against animal rights activists.

A judge imposed an exclusion zone around a village where workers involved in the construction of the university's 20m biomedical research lab are based.

The move follows a recent ruling by another High Court judge to extend the terms of an existing injunction covering the laboratory's Oxford site.

The new injunction covers Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

'Risk of harassment'

Mr Justice Irwin ruled that protesters should still be able to hold a lawful demonstration at a designated site there on one day a week.

He ruled that the demonstration should be on Wednesday afternoons with a maximum of 50 demonstrators and there would be an order restricting noise.

The judge pointed out that he was agreeing to an exclusion zone on the basis of the "risk" of harassment to those living in Moreton-in-Marsh "not the fact that it has happened".

He said the exclusion zone did not restrict freedom of movement or activities "other than a procession or demonstration".

Construction of the laboratory in South Parks Road was halted in July 2004 when contractors pulled out after a campaign led by anti-vivisection campaigners Speak.

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