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Mother angry at shooting response
Emma Walton (left) and Vicky Horgan (right)
Miss Horgan (right) was the victim of domestic abuse
A mother whose daughters were shot dead at a family barbecue said the emergency services "treated them worse than animals" by their slow response.

Vicky Horgan, 27, was killed by her estranged husband, Stuart Horgan, along with her sister, Emma Walton, 25, in Highmoor Cross, Oxon, on 6 June, 2004.

The inquest heard that ambulance crews arrived nearly an hour and a half after neighbours had raised the alarm.

Stuart Horgan, 39, committed suicide after being charged with the murders.

It was worse than you would treat an animal
Jacqueline Bailey

The inquest in Oxford heard how neighbours begged the emergency services to help the women, after pointing out that Horgan had fled.

But police did not enter the house until more than an hour after the first 999 call was made.

Ambulance crews were then summoned and did not arrive at the scene until 1804 BST, nearly an hour and a half after the alarm was first raised.

Jacqueline Bailey, who was shot in the stomach by Horgan, broke down in tears as she described Emma calling out to her as she lay dying.

She said: "She called my name three times, 'Mum, mum, mum', and I was saying, 'Hold on, Emma, hold on'.

Why isn't anyone coming to help
Jacqueline Bailey

"I didn't have the strength to say too much. I couldn't get many words out."

"I was conscious of the delay and mentally I was thinking, 'Why isn't anyone coming to help?'

"I suppose my main concern is how there had been the delay of the emergency services to get to the scene.

"The fact that the three of us were left that length of time. It was worse than you would treat an animal."

She said Horgan had inflicted a catalogue of abuse on her daughter, including punches, cigarette burns and slaps, during their five-year relationship.

She said, on one occasion when she called at the couple's house, "he was bashing her head against a brick wall. Her head was covered in blood".

Horgan, from Plaistow, London, was on remand for the murders at HMP Woodhill, in Buckinghamshire, in June 2004, when he killed himself.

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