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Last Updated: Friday, 17 February 2006, 06:58 GMT
Play remembers female war doctor
Dr Dorothea Clara Maude (pictured second from right) in Mikra, Salonika
Dr Maude went against official advice and travelled to the front
A play which tells the story of a female doctor who treated wounded soldiers on the frontline during World War I has opened in Oxford.

The play is based on the diaries of Dr Dorothea Clara Maude who was a graduate of Oxford University.

She served in five hospitals in France, Belgium and Serbia during the war despite the British Government telling female physicians to remain at home.

"The Influence of Beauty" is being staged at the Osler-McGovern Centre.

Dr Marianne P Fedunkiw, the author, said: "Dr Maude was one of a number of female, British-trained physicians whose offer to serve on the front line was declined by the British War Office.

"Instead they were told they could take the places of men who left their medical practices and positions in England.

"This did not deter the women, including Dr Maude, who travelled independently to serve."

The production runs until the 18 February.

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