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Last Updated: Monday, 28 March, 2005, 16:53 GMT 17:53 UK
Young jockeys at dressage event
Hounds at Cuxham, Oxfordshire
The crowd's support is vital for the upkeep of the hunt's hounds
Young jockeys competed over the flat for the first time in the history of the Old Berkshire Hunt's (OBH) Point to Point, organisers said.

Thousands of people attended the countryside event featuring dressage and side saddle riders at Lockinge, near Wantage in Oxfordshire.

Point to Point is partly a country show and a race meeting - Her Majesty The Queen Mother had runners there.

The OBH is determined to keep up the fabric of the hunt, a spokeswoman said.

She added: "The Point to Point, which is the largest annual local event in the South Oxfordshire area, is hosted by the Old Berks Hunt with the help of over 120 volunteers and is the their biggest annual fundraiser.

"Despite the recent hunting ban, the Old Berks, like many packs across the country, is determined to keep the fabric of the hunt.

"The crowd's support is even more vital this year to help the upkeep of their well-established 50-couple pack of hounds and their kennels."

Championship dressage and side saddle riders Helen Lawson, from Uffington, Oxfordshire, Anna Hooton, of Loxwood, West Sussex and Paula Keeley, from Liss in Hampshire - who have all featured in display teams across Europe - put their horses through their paces to music in the parade ring.


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