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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2005, 14:19 GMT 15:19 UK
Victim killed for 'family honour'
Arash Ghorbani-Zarin
Arash Ghorbani-Zarin was found with stabs wounds in a car
A Muslim girl's boyfriend was murdered by her brother to "vindicate the family's honour", a court has heard.

Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, 19, was stabbed 46 times as he sat in a car in Oxford in November last year.

Julian Baughan QC, for the prosecution, said he was killed by girlfriend Manna Begum's brother, Mohammed Mujibar Rahman, then 18.

Her father Chomir Ali, 44, is accused of "counselling and procuring" him to commit murder. They deny the charges.

It's just the way Muslims are; the girls do not date
Cheherazad Jmil
Miss Begum's family disapproved of her choice of boyfriend, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Manna's close friend, Cheherazad Jmil, told the court: "She (Manna) would walk around the streets holdings hands (with Arash).

"I warned her not to do it because it would bring shame on her family.

"It's just the way Muslims are; the girls do not date. It's shameful for the family."

Miss Begum's father Chomir Ali also denies assisting an offender.

Mr Baughan said the killing was carried out to "vindicate the family's honour" and that Mr Ali disposed of the murder weapon and some of his son's clothing after the killing.

A 16-year-old boy has also denied murder.

The case continues.

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