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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 March, 2005, 08:15 GMT
Harmony ahead for bikes and buses
A psychological survey of cyclists in the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge hopes to find a way to help bike-users and bus drivers get on.

Researchers at Bath University want thousands of cyclists to detail their experiences with buses on the road.

The information will be used by the psychologists to draw up safety messages for both sets of road-users.

They will be tested out in Oxford, with Cambridge being used as the control, to see if they have any impact.

'Travel in harmony'

Workshops are also being held with bus drivers to see what their experiences of road use are.

David Robertson, Oxfordshire County Council's executive member for transport, said: "The need for cyclists and bus drivers getting on better together is something a lot of people will recognise."

Jenny Bailey, Cambridge City Council's executive member for planning and transport, said: "This project builds on work already done to help bus drivers and cyclists travel in harmony.

"It is a rare chance to test how road safety messages are received."

Earlier research revealed that cyclists in Oxford are concerned with buses passing too close while bus drivers cite undertaking by cyclists as a major problem.

One in four journeys to work in Cambridge are made by bicycle, more than in any other UK city, while one in seven such journeys are made on bikes in Oxford.

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