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Last Updated: Friday, 18 February, 2005, 11:39 GMT
New limits 'will not cut deaths'
The restrictions will come in at the end of March
New speed limits intended to cut road deaths will not work and only make life miserable for motorists, a drivers' organisation claims.

The 50mph limits, which come into force on five Oxfordshire roads at the end of March, will safeguard drivers, council road safety officers say.

But the Association of British Drivers (ABD) claim there is no evidence such speed limits prevent accidents.

Oxfordshire County Council say similar limits have reduced casualties.

What we found is people said they would only stop speeding if there were really draconian penalties
RAC spokesman

The restrictions are to be imposed on stretches of the A361, A4421, A44, B4044 and B415 in the form of signs and road markings.

Nigel Humphries of the ABD told the BBC News website the council's statistics were flawed.

"The limits could actually stop you looking at the road and controlling your speed judging by the road conditions," he said.

"We believe that they are completely inappropriate and they are going to make life a misery for those drivers using these roads."

'Get away with it'

Geoff Barrell, of the council's road safety team, said they had restricted the number of roads affected, after objections from the ABD.

"We're limiting it to four or five a year, and we'll monitor those to see how successful they are," he said.

The RAC, which recently published a survey that showed more than half of all drivers were guilty of speeding, has also questioned whether the limits would be effective.

"What we found is that people said they would only stop speeding if there were really draconian penalties," said a spokesman.

"If we think we can get away with it, we will."

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