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Last Updated: Friday, 11 February, 2005, 15:25 GMT
Geller defends Jackson at union
By Malcolm Prior
BBC News, Oxford

Uri Geller
Uri Geller has defended Michael Jackson at the Oxford Union
Celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller told students at the Oxford Union if Michael Jackson is found guilty his belief in human nature will be "shattered".

Mr Geller was questioned about the pop star while addressing a packed house at the Oxford Union earlier this week.

He said that Mr Jackson - who is standing trial on child molestation charges which he denies - was "naive and gullible".

But Mr Geller, from Sonning, Berkshire, believed his friend was innocent.

I think I blew their minds - I do not want to sound boastful but they were amazed
Uri Geller
Mr Geller told the BBC News website: "They asked me about Michael and I told them that God forbid I'm wrong and he is convicted, then my belief in human nature and my own ability to judge character will be shattered to the core.

"I want to believe he has done none of what he has been accused of.

"I will have to wait with millions of other people to see the outcome of the trial.

"I will simply be patient and see what happens."

Mr Geller addressed the union on Wednesday night, telling students his life story and giving them a motivational speech.

He said: "I think I blew their minds. I do not want to sound boastful but they were amazed.

"I came to do an hour and I stayed for three.

"Not one student walked out and the pub is round the corner - and that's how one gauges things with students."

Vladimir Bermant, vice-president of the union, said he had been initially sceptical but was now a "convert".

He added: "As far as I could tell nobody left the talk.

"It was very lengthy and normally people do not stay out of politeness but with him nobody left."

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