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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 January, 2005, 16:16 GMT
Sinclair C5 fan aims to cross UK
The Sinclair C5
Mr Crosskey has failed on three other attempts in the C5
A Sinclair C5 enthusiast is to attempt to drive one of the machines from John O'Groats to Land's End to mark the model's 20th anniversary.

Chris Crosskey, 38, of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, is carrying out repairs on his battery-powered vehicle to make it ready for the journey in July.

The C5 was launched in January 1985 by designer Sir Clive Sinclair - to be met with derision by many people.

Mr Crosskey has already made three attempts to complete the journey.

'Curiously British streak'

Mr Crosskey said they had only failed because he was towing his own spares and camping equipment.

He said of his latest attempt: "I am sane, to a certain, loose extent.

"No-one's done this before. I think there's a curiously British streak that you look at something, then someone says 'that's impossible' and you say 'no, I can do it'."

He expects the journey - which will raise money for the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford - to take about three weeks.

Although C5s are not legally allowed to travel faster than 15mph, Mr Crosskey said most could do up to 60mph.

C5 owners converge on town
22 Aug 04 |  Wales


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