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Last Updated: Friday, 17 June, 2005, 20:06 GMT 21:06 UK
5,000 cyclists have say on safety
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One-third of cyclists had had an accident in the last year
The thoughts of 5,000 cyclists in Oxford and Cambridge on how city cycling could be improved have been captured in a new report.

The Bath University survey showed that one-third of those that took part had been in an accident in the last year.

The information will be used by psychologists at the university to draw up safety messages for road-users.

They will be tested out in Oxford, with Cambridge being used as the control, to see if they have any impact.

Loose gravel

The survey also revealed that more women than men found it difficult to look over their shoulders and tell when it was safe to pull out into traffic.

Researchers said more studies needed to be done to find out why that was.

The most common type of accident suffered by cyclists was slipping or skidding due to a hazard such as a pothole, metal cover or loose gravel.

Councillor David Robertson, Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for transport, said: "There is a lot to learn from this survey both for the authorities and the individual cyclists.

"We plan to use these findings to improve conditions."

Harmony ahead for bikes and buses
03 Mar 05 |  Oxfordshire

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