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Controller wins cracker contest
Christmas cracker
The winning joke will appear in next year's crackers
An air traffic controller has won a national contest to find a new joke for Christmas crackers.

Chris Hyde, 34, from Carterton in Oxfordshire, beat more than 300 entries from across the UK to win a 500 cheque.

His winning joke will now appear in thousands of supermarket crackers in time for Christmas next year.

Mr Hyde's entry was judged to contain the essential cracker joke ingredients of making people laugh and groan in equal measure.

His winning joke was - Q: How does the Terminator do his Xmas shopping?

A: At ASDA with Visa baby!

Here are a sample of some of the losing jokes:

  • Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a bridge. What has come over you?

    Two cars and a lorry!!

  • What did mother turkey say to her disobedient chicks?

  • If your father could see you now he'd turn over in his gravy!

  • If a reindeer lost his tail where would he go for a new one?

    A retail shop

  • What do you call a Telly tubby that's been burgled?


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