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Drunk couple may face jail term

Mark Tyler and his wife Petra (image courtesy of Mansfield Chad)
The couple were drinking at a Mansfield pub

A couple who took their four-month-old son on a seven-hour drinking binge have been told they may face a jail term.

Mark and Petra Tyler were reported to CCTV operators by a landlord in Mansfield, Notts, while out with their son Callum in September.

Tyler, 46, and his wife, 24, of Reindeer St, Mansfield, previously admitted being drunk in charge of a child at Mansfield Magistrate's Court.

They will be sentenced on 30 December once reports have been prepared.

Dirty nappy

The court heard the couple had planned to have a couple of drinks but "one thing led to another".

CCTV operators who were asked to check on the child by the landlord called police when they saw the boy's buggy tipping from side to side.

Magistrate chairman Ron Foster said: "I do indicate to you that we are not necessarily ruling out custody but we are purely and simply looking at finding out the most information before a decision is to be made."

Officers found Callum with a dirty face, soiled nappy and wearing soaking wet clothes.

The baby boy was described by police as hungry and had a filthy bottle filled with sour milk in his pushchair.

When officers confronted the parents, they became aggressive and refused to hand the child over before they were arrested.

The couple's solicitor Michael Little said: "Both Mr and Mrs Tyler have had ongoing battles with alcoholism for several years now. Both have taken steps to deal with their alcohol problems."

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