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Body of dog discovered in a pond

The RSPCA has started an investigation after the body of a dog was found in a pond in Nottinghamshire.

The female brindle and white coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier had been put in a canvas laundry bag and weighted down with concrete in Worksop.

But officials said the animal already had horrific head injuries and probably died seven or 10 days ago.

The dead dog was discovered by a group of children in Godfreys Pond in Sandy Lane on Sunday evening.

'Lonely death'

RSPCA inspector Dave McAdam removed the body after the children raised the alarm and took it to a vet after discovering the injuries.

Although it was too decomposed for a post-mortem examination, the vet found multiple serious wounds to the jaw and head which appeared to be caused deliberately, possibly by the dog having been repeatedly struck with a heavy object.

Inspector McAdam said: "There is still a remote chance that this dog was injured in an accident, but this seems very unlikely considering where she was found.

"We desperately need to hear from anyone who knows anything about where this dog came from so we can work out how she came to have suffered such a lonely and probably very painful death."

People convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to animals could face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a 200,000 fine.

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