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Anger over implant payout delay

A Nottinghamshire woman who was awarded 16,000 in compensation after her breast implants burst is still waiting for her payout five months later.

Nicole Wood, 42, from Mansfield, had "Hydrogel" implants - which have since been banned - inserted in April 2000.

The French firm that produces the implant - Poly Implant Prothese - has said it is not able to comment.

A total of 23 British women have been awarded total compensation against the company of 430,000.

Mrs Wood had to have the implants replaced with silicon implants in December 2002 because her left breast suddenly swelled up.

'Sugar solution'

The mother-of-two said: "I am appalled at the way we have been treated by this company. The authorities should not allow this to happen."

The firm was ordered to pay an interim award of 215,000 in damages and costs by Judge Richard Inglis at Nottingham County Court just before Christmas 2007, but they money has not yet to be paid.

Nottingham solicitor Paul Balen said the company, which is the world's third largest producer of breast implants, has repeatedly ignored the orders of the English court.

The implants were banned by the Medical Devices Agency in December 2000 when it became concerned at the lack of safety data supplied by the company.

The company had advertised the implants as a safe natural alternative to breast implants because the body could naturally absorb the sugar solution which filled the implants.

But some patients found that their bodies reacted against it when their breast implants ruptured after only a few years in place, Mr Balen said.

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