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Classic bus makes return to city

A routemaster bus
Routemasters became an icon of London

A classic double decker bus is to return to the streets of Nottingham.

The red 1965 Routemaster bus, which will have a conductor, will operate on a heritage route from Parliament Street in the city centre to Arnold.

The vehicle, which was rarely found outside London by the early 1980s, will return to Nottingham on 7 April.

Bellamy Coaches, which will run the service, said it hoped conductors will give a more friendly and efficient service to customers.

'Good for tourism'

John Murray, from the company, said: "We've decided to bring the old routemasters back to bring a heritage service to Nottingham.

"We thought they would be a good vehicle, people will remember them from the past, it will be good for tourism... it's something different."

The firm say it hopes passengers will also feel safer with a conductor on board the service.

Routemasters still operate on two tourist routes in London taking passengers past some of the city's top attractions.

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