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CCTV cameras do not 'reduce fear'
CCTV cameras in Nottingham do not reduce residents' fear of crime, according to a city council report.

The review of the city's CCTV network found residents did not necessarily think the cameras had an important impact on crime.

But Nottingham City Council's Masaud Subedar said CCTV remained a good tool in detecting crime.

There are almost 1,000 CCTV cameras in the city, with 200 used in public spaces.

The survey found that more than 80% of residents questioned stated more police patrols were needed in their areas.

In 2007, surveillance of public spaces in the city involved 2,483 incidents, resulting in 862 arrests.

'Quality evidence'

"Our experience in Nottingham is that CCTV does not necessarily bring a significant reduction in crime and is, and should only be, installed as part of a considered and integrated crime reduction strategy," Mr Subedar said.

He added the city's CCTV would not be changed as a result of the report.

Nottinghamshire Police said CCTV was one of a range of tactics used to reduce crime and provided good quality evidence.

The study was carried out in Aspley, Bestwood and Basford for the Nottingham City Council's director of housing.

The report said: "In areas where cameras are installed the residents' perception of the impact of CCTV on the reduction of crime, fear of crime and detection of crime was low."

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