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Robin Hood record for home city
Massed Robin Hoods
The sheriff took part in a specially designed costume
The world record for getting dressed up as Robin Hood has been smashed in Nottingham by a group of enthusiasts.

Hundreds of volunteers, led by the modern-day Sheriff of Nottingham, gathered at the city's castle to try and pass the previous total of 607.

Participants had to meet minimum costume requirements of a hat with a feather, a green or brown tunic and trousers and leather footwear.

The official count, taken at midday, put the total at 1,119.

Medieval band

The Sheriff - traditionally Robin's sworn enemy - wore a costume specially designed and made by Nottingham City Council's Children's Services costume department.

Prizes were awarded in a number of age categories and a medieval band kept people entertained.

Organiser Dave Green said he was impressed that so many people had turned out.

"It is one thing to have people agree to a good idea but quite another to have them make the effort on the day, especially when it is so cold. I'm very, very pleased."

He added: "We did this to bring people together, to reflect all the people we have in the city.

"The thing about the Robin Hood record is that anyone can take part, everyone is welcome, as long as you are prepared to make a bit of a fool of yourself."

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