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Last Updated: Monday, 18 February 2008, 15:15 GMT
Man fined for leaving wheelie bin
Wheelie bins
The council is targeting other areas of Nottingham
A man has been fined 845 for consistently leaving his wheelie bin out on the pavement in Nottingham.

Last year the city council decided to get tough on people who refused to move their bins eight hours after collection following complaints in Sneinton.

James Cousins, of Sneinton Hermitage, was prosecuted by the local authority for repeatedly ignoring its warnings.

The council hopes his punishment will serve as a warning to others who do not put their bins away.

Several warnings

Environmental health officers said bins left out on the pavement looked unsightly, caused an obstruction to people in mobility scooters or with pushchairs, and could be knocked over or set on fire.

Mr Cousins did not respond to any approach from the city council, ignoring an advisory letter, not appealing against a notice warning him that he faced a fine, and failing to pay two penalties of 100 each.

He was not at Nottingham Magistrates court to attend Monday's hearing, and now has 14 days to pay his fine, which is just short of the 1,000 maximum penalty.

Outside court, enforcement officer Christine Walker said: "I think the fine is very fair, especially since the gentleman did choose to ignore everything and did end up with two fixed penalty notices.

"And I hope that it conveys the message to everybody out there - please take your wheelie bins off the street after collection to avoid this sort of thing happening to you."

The city council is now targeting other areas of the city including Radford where residents have complained about bins causing obstruction.

James Cousins persisently refused to move his bin

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