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Purge on former gangland estate
Colin Gunn
Gunn used a corrupt detective to stay ahead of the law
Police have stepped up efforts to rid a Nottingham estate of criminal activity after gangland killer Colin Gunn was jailed last year.

Gunn, who was sentenced to life for conspiring to murder a Lincolnshire couple, ruled the Bestwood Estate through violence and intimidation.

Officers have now been stopping suspicious vehicles on the estate.

The move is part of Operation Kingdom, which was set up to restore public confidence in the area.

'Dark period'

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Moyes said police were patrolling the estate seven days a week to make sure there was a "physical presence on the ground".

He said: "We have come through a really dark period but the criminal gangs no longer have control of the estate.

"There is still influence in this area and we're tackling that. Our aim is to water it down to an absolute minimum.

"We'll continue to do that until we get rid of them completely."

Gunn, 40, was found guilty of taking information from corrupt police officers at Birmingham Crown Court on 2 August 2007.

'Massive challenge'

He had previously been convicted of ordering the revenge execution of John and Joan Stirland in Trusthorpe in Lincolnshire in August 2004.

A trial heard he masterminded their killings in revenge for a murder carried out by Joan Stirland's son Michael O'Brien in Nottingham in 2003.

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Steve Green has said there are still unsolved murders to investigate, some of which could lead to Gunn.

ACC Moyes also said it was likely that he still had sway in the Bestwood area.

"I'm sure that there are influences that exist through his [Colin Gunn's] network of people and we will continue to drive them out of this estate and drive their influence into the ground.

"It's a massive challenge and it's unprecedented for us to deal with it in this way," he said.

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