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Man's plea for breast reduction
Lee Jardine
Mr Jardine said he tries to cover up his body shape
A man who has a condition which has caused him to develop abnormally large breasts says he is frustrated he has been turned down for NHS surgery.

Lee Jardine, 23, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, suffers from a condition called Gynaecomastia.

His doctor says he needs to lose weight but Mr Jardine said this made no difference to the size of his breasts.

Nottinghamshire County Primary Care Trust (PCT) said they could not comment on individual cases.


"I've got a rare condition that not many people know about that I refer to as man boobs," said Mr Jardine.

"When I go out, I strap a belt around my chest, put a couple of t-shirts on, a thick jumper and a baggy coat to hide my body."

Mr Jardine has visited his doctor twice to ask for the breast reduction surgery. The first time he weighed 10st 7lbs, a healthy weight for his height, but said he was given no clear reason for not having the surgery.

At his second visit, Mr Jardine, who now weighs 14st, was told to lose weight before the PCT would consider an appeal against the initial decision not to fund the surgery.

The operation would cost between 4,000 and 7,000.

Mr Jardine added he was now considering taking anti-depressants because he was so unhappy about his breasts.

Lee Jardine says he wears baggy clothes to disguise the problem

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