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City sees new rise in shootings
Gun barrel
Eight people were injured by guns in the last year
The number of shootings in Nottingham has increased over the past year, police figures show.

The city had 20 shootings from January to December 2007 compared to 13 in the same period in 2006.

The figures show incidents where guns were used to fire live ammunition and do not include incidents involving converted replica guns.

The figures are down from 2003 when 51 shootings took place - an average of one a week.

Police confirmed eight people were injured in the shootings in 2007.

Crime boss

The last fatal shooting occurred when Nathan Williams was killed in a Nottingham shopping centre in a row over drugs in 2006.

Courtney Hunt, 21, of Eugene Gardens, The Meadows, was jailed for life for his murder which took place on 26 September.

Nottingham was labelled "Gun City" after a series of high profile murders, including those of Marian Bates and Danielle Beccan.

Officials said they hoped the city had turned a corner after crime boss Colin Gunn was jailed for life in 2007.

Chief Inspector Simon Alexander, from the Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership, said: "We have made significant progress in the past five years in tackling gun crime.

"Yes there is a perception in terms of what is happening out there but the facts are we have achieved a 60% reduction since 2003.

"Since 2006 we welcome the face there haven't been any more tragedies in relation to firearm related murders."

Eight people were injured by gunshots during 2007

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