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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 January 2008, 09:43 GMT
Concern over security staff delay
Delays in getting licences for security staff are causing a shortage of workers in Nottinghamshire, according to one firm.

Each worker must be accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) before being allowed to take a post.

But bosses at Sovereign Security said weeks of waiting meant good candidates could not fill vacancies.

The SIA said postal strikes caused a backlog, but about 90% of applications were handled within eight weeks.

Darren Brookes from Sovereign Security claimed weeks of waiting were putting a strain on the industry.

He said: "I have got people on my books who are waiting for renewals that have had their licences suspended.

"A licence is suspended if it has not been renewed in two years and is three months out of date.

"I applied at the start of September for a licence which needed renewing at the end of November and I am still waiting to actually hear anything from them."

'Seven months'

Shayne Phillips, who is originally from South Africa but lives in Sherwood, is currently out of work because of the problem.

"I have been waiting for seven months for my application to go through from the Security Industry Authority.

"Basically they are saying that they are trying to verify overseas workers and their right to work in the UK."

Jackie Munn from the SIA said there were 250,000 people in the UK with a licence and a reorganisation had caused some delays.

"We write to companies all the time trying to keep them updated with what is happening.

"At the end of the day sometimes we only find out the problems when we speak to people like Darren and we will do everything we can to put them right," she said.

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