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Last Updated: Monday, 19 November 2007, 12:44 GMT
City pub ban for violent offender
A man has been banned from every pub and bar in Nottingham city centre following a string of violent attacks.

John McNee, 26, of Mulberry Gardens in Bulwell, Nottingham, has been given an Asbo lasting five years.

Nottingham Crown Court heard he had numerous other convictions for GBH and public disorder, including three years in jail for assaulting a youth worker.

Police said a common theme of his behaviour was it often happened in and around pubs.

Officers said they believed the Asbo should protect the public. Information was being sent out to every landlord.

A police spokesman said: "Witnesses and victims have historically refused or retracted statements and by securing this order we ensure that McNee's presence in prohibited areas becomes an arrestable offence which carries a maximum of five years in prison."

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