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Man arrested filming seal killing
Mark Glover
Mark Glover refuses to pay the fine saying he did not breach the zone
A Nottingham man says he is prepared to go to jail rather than pay a fine after being charged with breaching a seal exclusion zone in Canada.

Mark Glover, of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton, was filming seals being killed when he was arrested and now faces a fine of $100,000.

Canada's prime minister defended the cull, saying seal numbers had tripled.

Mr Glover said: "The Canadians were getting fed-up with the level of cruelty we were filming."

He added: "The word went out and we were all arrested. The regulations are very straightforward, you cannot go within 10 metres of sealers killing seals.

"There was no reason for us to be within 10 metres and we weren't."

Tougher action

Amber Valley MP, Judy Mallaber, is campaigning for the European Union to take tougher action against the killing of seals.

And she has presented a petition to Parliament urging the government to become more actively involved.

Canada's Fisheries Ambassador Loyola Sullivan said people had been earning a living for centuries from the annual hunt and in some coastal communities it counted for 35% of their income.

Veterinarians had indicated that seals were killed in an acceptably humane manner equal to, and in cases better, than practices of killing domestic livestock in abattoirs around the world, he said.

Mr Glover leaves for Canada on Monday and is due in court on Thursday.

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