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Residents oppose homeless hostel
Site of the hostel on Mansfield Road
Local shopkeepers say they will oppose the hostel
Residents of a Nottingham suburb have voiced their anger that 21 flats for homeless people are being built next to a pub and a children's park.

They claimed many of the people in the Daybrook hostel would have problems associated with drugs or alcohol.

The charity Framework which will operate the site rejected concerns.

A spokesman said the homeless people would be properly housed and supported so they could make a contribution to the community.

The hostel is being built on Mansfield Road next to The Vale pub.

Shopkeepers' petition

One resident, who would not give her name, told the BBC: "The fact that the hostel is being built next door to a pub and within walking distance of an off-licence fills me with horror.

"They have to go somewhere but who sanctions the idea of having them next door to a pub when they are a reformed alcoholic?"

A woman who runs the nearby off-licence, who also did not want to be identified, said she was "a little bit angry because I think we should have been told, which we weren't. A regular customer gave me the information."

She said local shopkeepers would oppose the hostel and would raise a petition.

'Good location'

Framework spokesman Andrew Redfern said there was an urgent need for supported accommodation for homeless people out of the city.

"We went through quite a detailed process of consideration to come to the conclusion that this was a good location.

The issue is if someone has a drug problem, whether we have people properly housed, properly supported and in treatment or not housed, not supported and not treated.

"We want to move away from a situation where people are not making the kind of contribution to the life of the community that they could be making to one where they are realising their potential and using their talents."

Gedling Borough Council said it had publicised the application for the hostel in accordance with planning legislation.

The application was also available to view at the Civic Centre and on the council's website.

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