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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 11:36 GMT 12:36 UK
Bad weather drives tourists away
Newstead Abbey
Newstead Abbey said the rain also affected the resident peacocks
Bad summer weather has taken its toll on some of Nottinghamshire's top tourist attractions with a reported drop in visitor numbers.

Newstead Abbey and White Post Farm are two attractions whose bosses have said the rain is keeping people away.

But Keith Laird from Nottinghamshire's tourist information centre said some indoor sites such as cinemas and museums had noticed an upturn.

White Post Farm noted a 20% drop in visitors compared with June last year.

"Visitor numbers are well down and it's not looking good for the summer holidays which is a shame," said Simon Rouse, site director at White Post Farm.

'Sad peacocks'

"We are struggling a bit at the moment. The next six weeks are usually our busiest time and then the numbers die down for the autumn. But the rain is keeping people away."

Gillian Crawley from Newstead Abbey said it was not just people suffering in the rain. "The peacocks hate it and are looking very bedraggled and sad."

But Mr Laird said the county had plenty to offer.

"We represent 260 tourism businesses and although some of them have been affected, others are doing quite well." he said.

"Cinemas and shopping centres have seen a rise in numbers and more people are visiting the city than last year."

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