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City parking tax opinions needed
People in Nottingham are being invited to voice their opinions on a proposed workplace parking tax for the city.

A 12-week public consultation period over the planned workplace parking levy began on Tuesday. If approved the scheme would go ahead in 2010.

The city's biggest firms could be forced to pay 185 a year for each of their parking spaces. This would go up to 350 by 2014.

But some business leaders have said it may be disastrous for some firms.

Large companies

The council said money raised from the tax would help raise 12m to develop Nottingham's tram system.

About 500 employers in the city would be affected and companies would have to decide whether to foot the bill themselves or pass charges on to their staff.

But opponents have argued a parking tax will not settle congestion and is unfair on low-waged workers or staff who work for large companies.

City council leader Jon Collins said: "Obviously weight of public opinion's going to count, I don't believe that we necessarily have a monopoly of common sense.

"Other people may have other ideas that they want to put to us, other ways of raising the kind of money that we need to raise to extend the tram and to improve our public transport."

People will be able to post or e-mail their opinions to Nottingham City Council and the plans will be shown in public libraries around the city.

Workplace parking could cost 350
05 Jul 07 |  Nottinghamshire

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