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Town kicks up fuss over stilettos
The statue was unveiled by drag queen Dixie Tucker
The statue was unveiled by local drag queen Dixie Tucker
A 6m-high sculpture depicting a pair of stiletto heels has been unveiled in a Nottinghamshire town.

Some locals claim the 50,000 sculpture by artists Renn and Thacker - a tribute to the shoe-making heritage of Mansfield - is a waste of public money.

The High Heels sculpture - built with money from a government grant - was unveiled by drag queen, Dixie Tucker.

Councillor Kate Allsop said: "Public art is meant to capture the imagination and provoke conversation."

Mansfield resident Gail Hilton said she was disappointed that a large tree on the site next to the town's former viaduct had to be cut down to make way for the sculpture.

Steel feather

A Mansfield District Council spokesman said the stainless steel heels have "a foot in the past and an eye on the future" as they celebrate the shoe industry as well as the "going-out" culture.

The sculpture is one of three new pieces of modern art being constructed in Mansfield after a public consultation on possible designs.

The High Heels sculpture looks like stiletto heels at one angle and the viaduct from another angle.

Ms Allsop added: "The area, which already benefits from a great view of the restored viaduct, is enhanced by this dramatic addition.

"The sculpture will be a good focal point for the town."

The two other sculptures represent an amphitheatre and a steel feather.

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