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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 June 2007, 09:18 GMT 10:18 UK
Orchids stolen from wildlife site
Southern Marsh Orchid
The Southern Marsh Orchid is found growing in King's Meadow
Wildlife experts have described the theft of orchids from a Nottinghamshire nature reserve as unbelievable.

The theft at the King's Meadow Nature Reserve in Nottingham was only discovered during a survey but police have been called in.

Television naturalist Chris Packham said he felt sad that someone could carry out such an act.

"How someone could steal orchids from a nature reserve and deprive others...is beyond me," he said.

"It is with real sadness that I learned of the theft of the orchids," he said.

"It is sites such as this [King's Meadow] that make Nottingham such a wonderful city for wildlife."

Estate manager at King's Meadow, Charles Langtree, said it was not the first time the site had been targeted.

"It is such a shame that selfish individuals are willing to steal such beautiful wild flowers in their natural habitat.

"It is illegal to dig up any wild flowers without the permission of the land owner and to steal plants from a nature reserve is unbelievable."

The nature reserve has suffered from orchid thefts

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