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Workplace parking could cost 350
Parking at work in Nottingham could cost up to 350 a year if plans from the city council go ahead.

The council is proposing that in two years' time, Nottingham's 500 biggest employers will have to pay for workplace parking spaces.

It is hoped the levy will raise 12m for public transport projects such as the city's tram extension.

Companies will have to decide whether to foot the bill themselves or pass charges on to their employees.

The idea is to introduce the charge at 185-a-year in 2010, rising to 350 by 2014 when bus and tram enhancements will be up-and-running with future increases tied to inflation.

Protecting the environment

"The best way to ensure Nottingham's economic vitality, protect our environment and reduce congestion is to keep on improving public transport," said leader of Nottingham City Council, Jon Collins.

He added the plans were subject to a 12-week public consultation period starting in October.

"If we are to get more trams then we have to raise 25% of the cost locally. No locally raised funding means no more trams, simple as that.

"A Workplace Parking Levy is a possible way of raising sufficient funds locally and we need to understand the views and opinions of individuals and a wide range of organisations before councillors give the issue more consideration in October."

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