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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 January 2007, 17:12 GMT
Reports of gun shots investigated
Scene of the shooting
Part of the area was sealed off for investigations
Police sealed off part of an area of Nottingham after shots were fired at a house with several children inside.

Officers were called to the house in Kelvedon Gardens in St Ann's on Monday night. A 35-year-old woman inside was slightly injured by a splinter.

With her were three children aged between 11 and four, along with two teenagers and her 21-year-old niece. None of them were hurt.

Police said they had no motive for the shooting. Roads closed have reopened.

It is thought up to eight bullets were fired from a handgun at a downstairs window.

The injured woman's nephew told the BBC he was "bemused and shocked" by the shooting.

"I just can't understand why my aunt's house has been targeted", he added.

One of the women's neighbours said he had been left "absolutely terrified" and his 11-year-old daughter had been too frightened to go to school on Tuesday.

Police said they had no description of the person who fired the gun and have appealed for witnesses.

Streets are taped off after shots are fired at a house.

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