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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 November 2006, 12:24 GMT
Home destroyed in firework attack
A house in Nottingham has been gutted by arsonists who put a firework through the letterbox.

Three men were in the house in Raymede Drive on the Bestwood Estate at the time of the attack.

Two gave chase to the attackers and were then assaulted by a group of men. The third man escaped but suffered the effects of smoke inhalation.

Police have described the arson, on Friday evening, as "a deliberate and malicious attack".

The lit firework was pushed through the letter box just after 2100 GMT, three men were seen by the occupants running away from the house.

Group attack

Two men, aged 17 and 23, who were inside the property, chased after the attackers who ran across Paddstow Road and Southglade Road.

But in the ground of Southglades Leisure Centre the three attackers were joined by another four men who attacked the two from the house.

They suffered cuts and bruises in the assault. They managed to escape and ran back to the house to find it gutted by fire, police said.

A third man, aged in his early 20s, who was upstairs in the property managed to escape.

'Lucky escape'

He suffered minor smoke inhalation but did not need hospital treatment.

Det Insp Rob Griffin said: "The fire caused extensive damage.

"It was a deliberate and malicious attack which is being treated as arson.

"It's just lucky the occupant got out in time, otherwise the outcome could've been devastating."

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