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Errors admitted in diabetic death
Martin and Wendy Smith on their wedding day
Wendy Smith was admitted in a diabetic coma
A Notts man has received an undisclosed amount of compensation after his diabetic wife died in hospital.

Martin Smith took legal action after his wife Wendy, 42, died just over two weeks after being admitted to Newark Hospital in a diabetic coma.

Tests and treatment that may have saved her were delayed for 22 hours.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust admitted mistakes in their treatment of Mrs Smith and said steps had been taken to prevent a similar case in future.

Nothing can bring Wendy back, but we want to prevent this happening to anybody else
Martin Smith, husband

In a statement the Trust said that after detailed internal investigations, it accepted that there was a delay in a doctor diagnosing diabetic ketoacidosis.

It added that the physician in question was a locum who did not appreciate the severity of her condition but consultant doctors were now based at Newark General on a permanent basis.

Mrs Smith was admitted to Newark Hospital four years ago.

When her condition deteriorated she was transferred to intensive care at the Kingsmill Hospital then to Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre, where she died from brain damage, pneumonia and acute renal failure.

Martin Smith said: "Nothing can bring Wendy back, but we want to prevent this happening to anybody else, because what we've been through as a family, you wouldn't wish that on anybody."

His solicitor, Robert Rose, said: "On admission, if someone had read her notes carefully, she could have been admitted to intensive care and she could've been rehydrated and she could have been given a continuous insulin infusion to control her blood sugars.

"Medical evidence we obtained suggests that if that happened, this 42-year-old lady would still be with us today."

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