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Prison criticised in new report
Conditions at Nottingham Prison have been criticised in a new report sent to the Home Secretary.

The Independent Monitoring Board is calling for privacy screens to be put around toilets in shared cells as a matter of urgency.

But the study praised two new wings and a newly opened education centre.

The board also praised attempts to reduce the amount of self-harm incidents and the low number of times force was used over the last year.

Julian Ellis, of the Independent Monitoring Board said: "We believe that having to use a toilet in front of somebody else is somewhat degrading and what we want is to keep prisoners in good conditions so that when they come out of prison they treat everybody else with due respect."

In a statement the Home office said: "We realise privacy is an important issue for prisoners and we're pursuing the issue of obtaining privacy screens as a matter of urgency."

Prison conditions criticised
24 Mar 03 |  England

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