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Last Updated: Monday, 19 June 2006, 07:36 GMT 08:36 UK
Pit site lined up for new homes
Residents in part of Nottinghamshire have expressed concern their town could be the site for hundreds of new homes.

After a scheme to develop Sharp Hill Woods was rejected last week, planners have been examining other locations.

One is the former colliery at Cotgrave and the idea is backed by the local Rushcliffe borough councillor.

But many people living nearby have said they will need more infrastructure, like doctors, shops and schools, to cope with an influx of new families.

'Right balance'

The plan for 1,200 new homes near West Bridgford were rejected following a determined campaign by locals and environmental groups.

Richard Butler, Rushcliffe Borough Councillor and county councillor for Cotgrave felt the area was effectively waste ground and there was scope for development of up to 200 properties.

He said: "I think Cotgrave as a village is ready for more development as we have a small industrial estate which can be expanded and would aid regeneration.

He added: "If it is managed carefully and the numbers are appropriate and infrastructure is taken in to account then the balance can be got right."

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