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Miners' pay out case thrown out
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The fund is one of the world's largest personal injury schemes
An MP has insisted the fight will continue to recover money owed to miners who were wrongly charged fees when they claimed compensation.

A miners group had taken claims company Vendside - part of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers - to court over allegedly unfair legal fee charges.

The case was called "unnecessary" by a High Court judge and thrown out.

But MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann, said while he was disappointed, individual claims would go ahead.

The whole application is nothing but a grossly unjustified attack on Vendside and the UD
Vendside spokesman
He added: "Where this leaves the situation is to get money back from the UDM we will have to take individual cases to court and that is what I will do on behalf of my constituents who want to do that.

"I am surprised that the judge has not decided that group order is more sensible because then the issue could be resolved more quickly"

Sir Michael Turner, in his judgement, said the action by Action Group for Miners was doomed from the start and that it failed because of faults in both "substance and form".

He felt such a variety of cases and circumstances could not be deal with in a single claim.

A spokesman for Vendside said: "The whole application is nothing but a grossly unjustified attack on Vendside and the UDM.

"The AGM could only find 69 claimants to join their group action, while Vendside and the UDM have already secured 158m compensation for more than 29,000 sick and injured miners."

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