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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 20:53 GMT 21:53 UK
BNP lose 'sex claim' libel case
A mayor has accepted libel damages over a British National Party claim he had been struck off the medical register for having sex with a female patient.

Dr Raj Chandran, a GP and the Mayor of the Borough of Gedling in Notts, said he was not prepared to let the unfounded allegations go unchallenged

London's High Court heard the article about Dr Chandran appeared on the BNP website in November last year.

Dr Chandran is donating the damages to a drug abuse prevention charity.

'Sincere apology'

The article, headlined `Race commissioner caught with his trousers down', falsely alleged that Dr Chandran had been struck off by the General Medical Council.

It said he had been found guilty of having sex with a female patient in exchange for the provision of drugs.

His solicitor Matthew Himsworth said BNP press officer Dr Stuart Russell - who wrote the article - and website editor Steve Blake "freely and completely" accepted that Dr Chandran was misidentified in the article.

The doctor who was at the centre of the allegations was in fact Dr Bellipady Sudharam Rai, a completely different Nottinghamshire GP, he added.

Dr Chandran had no connection to Dr Rai and was not involved in the disciplinary proceedings in any way.

Mr Himsworth said that the defendants completely accepted that their allegations were untrue and have agreed to apologise in court, publish a prominent apology on the website and pay Dr Chandran damages and his legal costs.

Dr Russell, for the defendants, offered their very sincere apologies for getting the article wrong.

'Sex-for-drugs' doctor struck off
16 Nov 05 |  Nottinghamshire


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