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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 09:09 GMT
Flood defences reach completion
Hundreds of properties were submerged in the floods in 2000
Nottingham's new flood defences are due to be completed on Monday.

It is hoped the development, which cost more than 1.5m, will prevent a repeat of the damage sustained in 2000.

The works have brought the 1945 vintage bank and concrete wall along the River Trent between the Wilford Toll and Clifton bridges up to date.

Funded by the Environment Agency, the new defences aim to protect 500 homes and a number of businesses in the Queen's Drive area.

But officials are stressing some residents who live behind the defences will still need to be prepared for flooding.

The new defences form part of a wider floods plan to protect Nottingham.

Hundreds of properties in the city were under water when the River Trent rose to 40 times its usual level six years ago.

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