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Town stakes a claim to Robin Hood
Robin Hood tour
Put a pin in the map: Nottingham, Mansfield or Doncaster?
Mansfield is staking its claim to be known as the real home of Robin Hood.

A new plaque displayed boldly in the town centre alleges it marks the historic centre of Sherwood Forest.

The town's mayor said it has a stronger case than others, with evidence the outlaw spent more time in Mansfield than other towns who claim him.

The new Robin Hood airport claims the legend's home is near Doncaster, challenging the more traditional view he was a son of Nottingham.

But the new plaque in West Gate, Mansfield, states: "The ancient tree which grew on this site until 1940 was reputed to mark the centre of Sherwood Forest."

The original tree on the site was replaced in 1988. A plaque - unveiled at the same time - has been repainted and mounted on a plinth to make it more prominent.

Robin-related places
Robin and his merry men allegedly pounced on wealthy noblemen in Mansfield's Thieves Wood
St Mary's Church in Edwinstowe is said to be the place where Robin wed Maid Marian
Sherwood Forest is known was used for hunting by royals
Will Scarlett is buried at nearby Blidworth

The ancient Sherwood Forest, or Shire Wood, is thought to have covered a fifth of Nottinghamshire, stretching from the outskirts of Nottingham to Worksop.

Mansfield District Council is launching visitor and eating out guides to promote leisure facilities, parks, entertainment, shops and restaurants and historic points of interest.

Civic leaders hope to boost tourism by reinforcing the links between the town and the legend.

'Up-and-coming place'

Executive mayor Tony Egginton said: "Mansfield is an up-and-coming place and has a great deal to offer to visitors - a wealth of history, the Robin Hood legend and great modern leisure facilities and shopping.

"The new-look Sherwood Forest centre plaque and new visitor publications can only help us in our efforts to better market Mansfield as a desirable location for day-visits.

"Robin Hood is known worldwide, being mostly associated with Nottingham and more latterly, even Yorkshire has tried to claim him as its own.

"However, folklore points to him spending most of his days in the Mansfield area."

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