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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005, 07:53 GMT
Untaxed cars targeted by police
A police crackdown in Nottinghamshire has cleared more than 300 abandoned and untaxed vehicles off the roads.

The month-long undercover Operation Cubit was co-ordinated by the police and included the fire service, local authorities and the DVLA.

Chief Inspector Andrew Burton, of Nottinghamshire police, said although the operation was over, people who abandoned cars would still be targeted.

A two-week operation in 2004 seized 130 untaxed and abandoned vehicles.

Crushed cars

A police spokesman said long-term untaxed vehicles were often used by criminals and then abandoned after crimes.

If the owner of a seized vehicle wanted to get it back, they would have to pay any outstanding fines and costs. Any vehicle not claimed would be crushed.

Jeff Mumford, head of compliance at the DVLA, said: "We know that there still remains a core group of hard evaders who have no intention of paying tax, and are usually equally remiss with their MOT and insurance.

"We know who these people are, where they are and what vehicles they drive, and now with the help of the police our answer is simple: we're taking your car - no more warnings."

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