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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 December 2005, 17:16 GMT
Crack house shut down after raid
A court has ordered the closure of a crack house in Worksop after a drugs raid at the property.

Residents had complained about people visiting and leaving the property at all hours of day and night.

Police went to magistrates after complaints about 11 Foxglove Close on the Manton Estate.

Officers executed a drugs warrant at the house 10 days ago, and found Class A drugs at the property.

Three men were arrested and are currently on police bail.

The court then granted the closure order, which stops anyone living at or visiting the house for a period of three months.

Manton Beat Manager PC John Graham said: "We received reports of up to 40 people a day going to and from the property.

"People would arrive in cars late at night and beep their horns or stand on the pavement and shout to get the attention of those inside."

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