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Couple speak of 'pirate attack'
The Seabourn Sprit
Pirates used rocket launchers to attack the ship
A Nottinghamshire couple have been reliving their holiday hell when their cruise ship was attacked by pirates.

Jim and Margaret Carter, from Ollerton, were aboard the Seabourn Spirit liner when it came under fire off the coast of Somalia.

Pirates used rocket launchers to attack the ship, but no-one was hurt.

The quick-thinking captain managed to foil the plot by steering his ship so that it caused a big swell - forcing the looters to give up.

'Sobbing and weeping'

Mr Carter, who is now back home with his wife, said after the attack: "Everybody including myself was scared, it's a really scary thing.

"We heard an almighty bang, of course this would have been one of the shells exploding in the ship.

"There was no escape from the restaurant. There was only one door and you didn't know if the pirates were going to come in that door or not.

"There were people sobbing and weeping.

"He (the captain) dealt with the situation by trying to ram one of these boats but when you're using a 10,000 tonne boat you're not quite as nimble as a 10 foot boat and he missed.

"But at the same time he caused them a lot of swell and a lot of waves on the sea."


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