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Choirboy stars in King Kong film
Ben Inman
Ben Inman has a singing role in King Kong
A young chorister who is aiming for a Christmas number one with his first CD single has landed a spot in a big budget Hollywood film.

Ben Inman, a 12-year-old from Nottinghamshire, is one of The Choirboys, a group described as a young version of the Three Tenors.

He has now recorded a song for the remake of the classic film King Kong.

Ben went to a London studio to record the soundtrack after his co-producer was approached about the project in LA.

Ben said: "Our co-producer Steve Abbott went to America and met some movie producers who wanted to see a video of our Choirboys songs - including Danny Boy and Let There Be Peace.

Actress Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow in a scene from  "King Kong"
Ben sings during a gripping scene at the end of the film

"They liked my voice so they asked if I could go to a studio in Hampstead Heath and record a bit for King Kong."

Ben, who sings in the choir at Southwell Minster, said it was very exciting: "Using a transatlantic link to a studio in Los Angeles, they recorded a song for the climax of the film."

His mother Sarah said: "It was a remarkable place - a huge studio with an enormous mixing desk where they made the link to LA.

"Ben stood in this enormous studio talking to the man in LA - it was thrilling."

Ben said his song accompanies a scene where King Kong falls off the Empire State Building.

"It is a good piece of music - very well composed," he said.

Tears in Heaven

Paul Hale, director of music, Southwell Minster choir said: "Ben has remarkably taken to this fame in his stride - he comes back (to the choir) and fits in as if he has never been away."

Ms Inman said: "Before all this happened I had gone out to buy an expensive bit of recording equipment to record his voice before it broke - but we have no need because we have lots of records of Ben singing - which is lovely."

Ben has been singing since he was five.

The Choirboys, which also includes choristers CJ Porter-Thaw, 11, and Patrick Aspbury,12, landed a 500,000 deal with music giant Universal Classics.

All proceeds from their first single, a version of Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, will go to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

BBC's Marcus Alton
"It was so thrilling"

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