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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 April, 2005, 19:28 GMT 20:28 UK
Volunteers trained to use 'guns'
speed gun
The volunteers are trained by police
Volunteers from parish councils in parts of Notts are using speed guns to discourage motorists from speeding.

Police are training the volunteers to use the equipment, but residents are not able to hand out fines.

Andrew Gregory of Southwell Town Council said: "If we catch the same vehicle twice we will report that to the police."

He said it is up to officers to take "appropriate action". Police say plenty of people want to join the scheme.

Some suspicions

Pc Bill Brown, of Notts Police, said: "Volunteers have willingly come forward from 46 parish councils in the Newark and Sherwood district area, and we are hoping to get 27 councils enlisted in this scheme."

Volunteer Stanley Chapman said: "I know every day droves of children go up and down the roads to school here and the speed at which motorists travel means one day there will be a very nasty accident one of these days."

Some Southwell residents disagreed with the scheme, with one saying: "I don't think it will go down very well in a close-knit community as you might end up taking a photo of your friend speeding."

Another Southwell resident told BBC News: "I am very suspicious of it - it is the thin edge of the wedge with the public doing police work."

The speed gun teams will be in Southwell at peak traffic times starting from Wednesday.

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