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Last Updated: Monday, 4 April 2005, 14:34 GMT 15:34 UK
Warning over 'anti-bike' spikes
Eight-inch metal spikes embedded in open ground at a Nottinghamshire village are a danger to the public, the police have said.

The spikes, found at The Warren, a grassed area in Annesley Village, have caused damaged to vehicles and injuries to people and pets.

It is believed they have been used to try and deter illegal off-road bikers.

But officers say the spikes are not only dangerous, but also ineffective at stopping the bikers.

'Unanticipated problem'

The spikes have injured a young girl out walking and a man walking his dog, which was also hurt.

They have even damaged a police car which was trying to deal with illegal bikers.

Pc Joanna Dickson, local beat manager, said: "They are a danger to members of the public and to vehicles.

"People are being hurt - a problem I don't think whoever did this anticipated."

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