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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 April, 2005, 15:48 GMT 16:48 UK
City to use rubbish shock tactics
Rubbish will be allowed to build up for one day
Rubbish collectors in Nottingham are starting a "shock" campaign by leaving litter on city streets for 24 hours.

Only rubbish dropped in bins will be collected - the rest will be left to pile up for a day.

The Big Spring Clean campaign is aimed at raising awareness of litter.

Cleaners usually collect around 30 tonnes of rubbish each day but council bosses want the rubbish to be left to show people just how much litter is dropped on the streets.

Grot spots

Wardens will be handing out special pouches which people can carry around with them to dispose of cigarette buts and chewing gum.

Last year another campaign in Nottingham - the One Hundred Day clean up - resulted in more than 200 sites being cleared of graffiti and 50 litter notices being served.

The scheme, which cost 160,000, saw the public report 1,324 "grot spots" in the city.

As part of the blitz, 83 abandoned cars were removed and more than 2,000 old fridges were recycled.

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