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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March, 2005, 17:09 GMT
Holocaust exhibit targets pupils
Young Jewish refugees
Youngsters will learn about the young refugees' experiences
An interactive unit for younger school children is being opened at Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire.

The exhibition is being funded by 500,000 government grant.

It will be dedicated to the experiences of young children during the Holocaust - so modern children can try to understand what happened.

Centre spokesman David Brown said the new section would open at Beth Shalom Centre in Laxton, north Nottinghamshire in September.

"They (visitors) explore the lives of the children that went through this experience so they'll find their photographs, and their photo albums, they'll find their toys," Dr Smith said.

It's important to be able to reach young people before they go to secondary school.
David Brown, Beth Shalom Centre

"They'll find their school books, and they'll start to unpick who these people were."

Mr Brown said: "Three out of four racist incidents in Nottinghamshire schools happen in primary schools - 74% to be precise.

"By the time children get to secondary school, many will already have imbibed the stereotypes and prejudices that are current in society and so it's important to be able to reach young people before they go to secondary school.

"Obviously we don't want to overwhelm them with the horrors of the Holocaust itself.

"But they can start to consider some of the issues that it raises through the experiences of the children who escaped and the children who went into hiding."

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